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In case you have not received the email regarding the changes that will be made on the 22nd of July, here's the link to explain what is going to happen. newsletter&utm_campaign=HipPostcard Seller Update 20220711-as5

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  • THANKS for the heads-up, Luree - because if we were relying on HipPostcard to notify us AND POST IT PROMINENTLY on the HP site we'd be out of luck. I only heard about it a day or so ago because of HipStamp seller friends like you!

    So, what we have here is a poorly executed example of what we're all facing across the economy: Skimpflation: a process of inflation where companies skimp on what they offer consumers while, in many cases, charging the same price or more for that service.

    At my current level of store subscription this hike zooms up to a 35 percent increase! We are told in the link Luree provided "These changes represent our only fee increase since January 2020 and are necessary for us to continue key programs."

    Well, let me save you the time to grab the CPI increase from Jan 2020 to June 2022 - just under 15 percent. That other 20 percent HipPostcard wants - I don't want or need because I'm NOT getting it. In fact, true to skimpflation, I've lost a major functionality component of the misrepresented eBay Sync that has depreciated the value of service I get currently for $19.95 "featured" store sub. More work for me, lost sales, lack of trust in the reliability of service I was supposedly sold but hasn't been delivered.

    Is it unfair of me to say that HP misrepresented the eBay Sync "feature"? Well, let's look at the HP fees page this morning July 15 2022 - which offers for current store sub:

    "Can I import my listings from ebay?
    Yes! If you sell on ebay, you can automatically sync your entire store to HipPostcard. Once you've synced your ebay store, any new items you add to ebay will automatically be added to HipPostcard; and best of all, if you sell an item on either platform, it’s instantly removed from the other - so you won't run into any inventory management issues."

    That hasn't been delivered since at least the beginning of Oct. 21.

    Come on, HipPostcard - HipCommerce -- cut your costs, raise revenues through our sales not by imposing increased fixed fees on those of us who do most of the revenue raising. Otherwise, that loss of stores on HP -- clocked in sometime in 2021 as 363 stores and today at 281 - will surely continue. (Yes, I have screenshots).

    Reduce the fee hike to something reasonable like 15 percent to offset inflation for you've surely not provided us with greatly expanded service in the past two and a half years. As for the HP App, I can use that as much as I can use a stone in my shoe. A fast, accurate eBay sync is what I'm paying for and not getting.
  • One other thing, one of the staff members chimed in at Hip Stamp and said we could voice our opinions via email at
    Many on HS did that we were able to get the store limits changed back, BUT the price was raised. Got us coming and going.
    Maybe it might be a good idea if we all sent them an email representing Hip Postcard. Just a thought.

    And Brent, you brought up some really great thoughts.
  • Luree, thanks for posting the Hip update over here. Brent, your post is spot on. Deja vu? The great SG debacle keeps bouncing around in my head - giving me a headache.
  • Yes, Jeri, three years of lost sales between demise of BidStart to Stanley Gibbons Marketplace never launching commercially. We don't need boom-bust commodity cycles in collectibles, we need steady, sustainable long term growth. Staying power. Dependability.
  • It seems like this site may be reaching below critical mass. For me it is a 43% increase. With the massive per transaction increase from PayPal and the decreased traffic I was already seeing here, I was already looking at other alternatives. With this increase, unless my sales pick up, I am looking at selling almost half the year to recoup my store fee. I only do this part time at the moment, so it may just not be worth it to continue to sell here. I have a few months left on my current subscription to decide.
  • Hi everyone! Thank you for keeping up with our current update. If any seller has any concerns about our store subscription pricing, please reach out to our team directly at as we may have several options available to help you reduce your store subscription fees with us. We'd be happy to take a look at your specific account and see how we can help.
  • I just noticed that the store registration has increased in price. I don't remember being notified of this by email. And I can imagine why! The price of my Featured Store subscription has gone from US$24.95 to US$32.95. That's a 32% increase!
    The offer to go to a 1-Yr Plan is absurd. I would like to commit myself for a year; but why do I have to pay the entire annual fee of US$ 325 in one go? An annual subscription in itself should already make a difference in price.
    The price increase is absurd for other reasons as well. First, there is no longer a reliable link to eBay. The disappearance of the categories on eBay has led to these problems. That is understandable, but it just costs us as sellers money. Second, it's a mess in the categories right now. Take, for example, the "Algeria" category in "Africa". More than half of this section has nothing to do with Algeria: Amish, Thailand, Delaware, Texas, aso. This is partly because the import from eBay is not going well, but also because there is no supervision. Finally, sales have fallen sharply in recent months.
    Considering all this, I wonder if it makes sense to continue like this. A (reasonable) price increase is always allowed, but then you must first ensure that everything functions as it should. That is not the case now. I understand that Hippostcard won't lose sleep over it, but I'm now considering lowering my store registration or even closing it.
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    David, send (see the message above yours in this thread) a message. Cut & paste your comment here into the message box and send it to them. Let them know about the deterioration in service and you'd like a fee review. Negotiation may be to your advantage ;)

    I told them fairly much the same as you have written. The mis-categorization of cards here is maddening. I've spent some time this week editing listings here because "cars" or "train" in a listing title will get the postcard dumped into "Ephemera>transportation tickets" and Georgia USA cards into Georgia the country! HP doesn't care, doesn't want to know that it frustrates buyers even more than we sellers. Cheers!
  • Store closed. Upset with loss of 1000's of hand listed listings being wiped off the site. (not Ebay sync) .This was due to my store before closed down due to a credit card issue between my bank and Hip. No warnings of a problem so unable to take action before the damage was done. Also no obvious way to move listings in bulk from one category to the correct category. I know everyone hates this issue but nothing happens. Now just learned of significant store price increases. No email to let me know about the price changes. Although the price changes do not affect me just yet I just feel that Hip do not care about the sellers. I therefore no longer care about Hip!. Now all my efforts will go back into Ebay where my sales have not dropped like a stone. Such a shame.
  • Yes I'm very new, I have a collection from a state sale. Have so many , but don't want to get ript off. Because I'm splitting everything with owner
  • I have thousand's
  • So many different types and from all over world, 1/4 cent and up,
  • Hi Guys, If you're allowed to use any web browser and operating system to access the website and embed its content on third-party sites, accessing the resulting content (basically parsed video links) through a 3rd party "player" shouldn't be illegal.
  • It's nice to see your staff being proactive in communication! Providing merchants with options for addressing subscription pricing concerns displays a commitment to consumer pleasure and flexibility. Encouraging direct interaction indicates a readiness to adjust solutions to specific needs.
  • Absolutely! Early interaction and varied monthly price options indicate a commitment to customer happiness. Direct interaction indicates a readiness to customize solutions to meet individual needs. Excellent job building positive friendships!
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