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  • Hi Luree, Is there a postcard club in your area? I joined the Arizona Post Card Club (PHX) and started collecting in 1997. I collect New Year's with a date and anything Arizona in the standard size. Most everything I know, I learned from postcard club members and other collectors. I just noticed you joined in 2016, so by now, you probably know a lot. I just joined November 18th,and so far have posted 130 cards. My store is Postcard Passion. I'm surprised to find that there isn't a blog or events or communication from other sellers.
    December 2018
    • Luree Hughes
      Luree Hughes
      Welcome to Hip Postcard.

      Hi Victoria, if there is a PC Club in my area I have no knowledge. I started just recently with stamps and postcards as I inherited my sister's collection to keep her legacy going. I just re-opened my store here with the hopes of trying to sell a few that I have. I have several more to list, a few older ones and several new ones. My sister was/has been a member of Hip since the beginning, 2005. Long time! I'm still in the learning phase with both, but that's what life is all about. I'll be wandering through your store to check things out.

      BTW, the forums are super quiet. I try to think of things to ask and say, but threads sit for a few days/weeks with no comments. If you have any Christmas postcards there is a thread I'm going to bring back to the front, Postcards that catch the eye, or something similar. I'll find it and post some Christmas.

      I do a lot of my research via the internet and trying to absorb knowledge from everyone one else. So ask a question and we shall see if anybody will respond.

      Thanks for your interest,
      dianealthea's Little Shop of Postcards
    • Luree Hughes
      Luree Hughes
      Hey Victoria,
      I was just in your store and before you list more here's one suggestion that collectors are just all over. Scan the back of the card. They seem to want to see the edges of the card so maybe playing with a color background will help your cards to pop and the back they want to see what kind of condition the back is. Otherwise, nice collection and reasonable prices, too. Good job!
    • Victoria Clark
      Thanks Luree. Thanks for taking the time to view and I'll start posting the backs too. This time of year is way too crazy to do much on line Thanks again
    • Luree Hughes
      Luree Hughes
      Hi Victoria,
      Yes we are all crazy with Christmas almost around the corner! I love this time of year, but so much is happening. I have my eye on one of your cards so after things settle I'm going to your store.
      Take care and Merry Christmas!
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