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Hi Mark,
On BS I had a scan of the back of the postcard as most buyers are wanting to see both sides. Will there be a way for those images to be brought over, or will I need to rescan and add to the listing?

This is a very nice venue. I'm liking it very much.


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  • Thanks! Yes, we will be importing all additional images this weekend.
  • Mark,

    Will the second image come over from csv files that have already been uploaded?

  • Having some way for the buyers to see the postcard backs (if available) in search indexes and the like would be good.
  • Sellers, please scan the back side too. I need to see the back to determine the date (I don't want any cards with zip code) and the publisher, and less importantly, condition. On Bidstart, it seemed that almost all cards had only a front view.
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    Hello James

    I agree, my cards on bidStart all had scans of backside. The backsides didn't come over in the sync to Hippostcard. Mark is working on this error. Until then I will be happy to post backsides of any card the buyers are interested in. Just send me a message.

    Have A Great Holiday Weekend
  • My cards on bidstart (about 12,000) all have both sides scanned. Unfortunately 2/3 are embedded in the html description, so even if hipPostcard resyncs with images, i'm still out of luck. So I planned to export all bidstart listings and have hipPostcard clear out all my entries, so I could reload using the hipPostcard bulk loader. (I've tested it and it works fine loading multiple images.) However to my horror it appears that they have shutdown the bidStart exporter. It only downloads 1 item no matter what I do. I've tried rebooting and different browsers. (I've filed a support ticket for this problem, so hopefully will get it resolved before bidStart disappears altogether.)
  • Mark, did you bring over the 2nd images from bidStart? Mine are a no show.
  • Bob - Try it again now.

    John - Yes we have, but only for sellers who were using the bidStart Sync - which I do not believe you are. How did you get your listings on HipPostcard?
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    Hi Mark

    I turned on HipPostcard / bidStart sync and postcards came over to HipPostcard. When sync was done I turned off the sync and I closed all my Postcards on bidStart. The items are in my items did not sell file on bidStart.

    Did I screw up again LOL.

  • John - Please check, you should be all set now.
  • All set, thank you Mark
  • My back scans have arrived! At least for the last 3 or 4 thousand listings. The older listings have scans embedded in the deprecated HTML description. BidStart has unlocked my exporting function. I'll have Hip Postcard empty my store and I'll reconstruct Titles (now 80 characters) and multiple scans and descriptions that work better. I'll be importing revised listings over the next 2 or 3 weeks. That will also help me locate listings which need to go to my small Hip Stamp store and uncover categories that didn't make the cut. (I know 51 Victorian trade cards didn't make it.) ... Bob (HomerBob)
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