Too many emails

Hi there to all the sellers that I have been purchasing postcards from over the last 6-7 months... as much as I'd like to carry on purchasing postcards of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, my Inbox is being overwhelmed by emails that I really can not read through ...I am a pensioner here in New Zealand, and can only set aside a small amount per month to purchase cards. Some of the sales that you sellers organise are truly mind boggling, and I am the first to admit that I do go for the 'el cheapos'... BUT I now have more than the required 32 postcards now for my 1-Frame exhibit, (although there are a couple that I'd still like but feel they have never been produced) so PLEASE sellers, thank you for all of your help in the past, but please back-off now on the 'personal emails' - if I wish to buy a card I will do it then and there when I see it... and I don't need to be reminded. But you have ALL been great, and maybe I'll pop back again soon... I sure hope I haven't put anyone's 'nose out of joint' with this message... my best wishes to you all, stay healthy and wise, Sandy, New Zealand, 22 January 2021


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  • Sandy,
    If these are Hip Postcard generated emails, and it sounds like they are, have you clicked at the bottom of the message to opt out?
    Just wondering.
    That might be more effective than posting a message here on the forum as not all sellers read this forum.
  • Ta muchly Luree - I'm usually too busy watching the racing on the Waitemata Harbour, but I was soooo pleased to see OUR Team New Zealand boys helping out the lame duck Patriot... but all up-n-racing again tomorrow Cheers, Sandy
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