'Unpaid Orders'

I ordered about 15 postcards last week. Today I received an email stating that I had '3 orders unpaid.' Every time I go to 'Pay' using PayPal the process freezes about half way through. I am able to transact on PayPal normally for other online market, I am on a MacBook Pro using Safari with the latest Flash, and I have purchased postcards from you in the past with no issues. I cannot clear these three sales. Also it should be noted that the initial purchase was buggy as well. What is the issue with your commerce engine? These sellers probably think I am some kind of deadbeat...


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  • I would suggest going to the bottom of the page and clicking on the 'Contact Us' button to open a ticket. Hip staff are pretty good at troubleshooting issues with you directly.
  • Thank you George. I will do that, if they can resolve the issue I will post it in this thread.
  • update - I clicked 'contact us' and submitted my issue including invoice numbers. Never heard a peep back from anyone at Hippostcard. Just processed the transactions now. Problem seems to have solved itself. I have been trying for the past weeks and until today nothing happened. Issue is resolved, doesn't seem like the CS did anything
  • That is odd, both Hippostcard and Hippstamp have always responded. Did you check your spam filter? I've had that happen a couple of times.
  • I've always had great response from Hip. Maybe they responded by fixing the problem.
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