anybody seeing a drop in prices?

I have noticed that I have to drop my price a $1 or 2 to get sales on Ebay compared to a year ago. Which means if I import them here and drop the price again I can be taking a big hit on some cards. Anybody else noticing that? Are people just trying to get rid of cards? or is that the trend now? How are you guys doing ?


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  • There has been a noticeable drop in most prices over the past couple of years in postcards, stamps, postal history, ephemera, antiquarian books, antique furniture, tchotchkes, antique automobiles, etc.

    In most instances it has heavily affected the mid range material (people aren't paying $20 for $5 postcards anymore), as well as lots or project pieces. The demand for high end items in most fields has remained constant.

    That is a very broad brush generalization with many exceptions but the general trend for most affordable collectibles is continuing.downward. The smart money believes that trend will continue.
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