What's in your Library?

Learning about postcards is making my head spin. Is there a book that will be good for the relative beginner? I think I understand the basics, but I want to tap into the subject just a little bit more.

So, for all you experts (which is everybody to me), what books would you suggest?



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  • You've entered the Twilight Zone of Forums. As you've probably noticed, this place is dead, especially compared to its HipStamp counterpart. At any rate, what little I know I've picked up simply by looking at as many stores as possible and picking up tidbits of information here and there.

    If you take a look at Amazon, they have a decent selection of books available. Many are dated, but I suspect the information in many is still valid today. There are a couple of neat 'encyclopedias' of postcards available as well but these are more suited as coffee table books as opposed to instructional manuals.
  • Hi George,
    I have sadly realized this is a super quiet forum and it really does surprise me as there are so many that use both sites and we are a little chatty on HS. I have some information from Google and Wiki, been over to Amazon and found several books, but I didn't know which was which and as you said some look like coffee table books.

    Thanks for your information, I'll do more research and hope for the best!
  • Hi Luree & George,

    The Playle Site has a wealth of information regarding Postcards. Check out the Deltiology section.
  • Cool, thanks for that site.
  • metro postcard is the mosst helpful online site but the trick is to look at a lot of cards and then try to learn why one is more valuable than another one good luck
  • Thanks for the info. Will check them out.
  • Bathroom Humor (Outhouse) Mama, What Makes Papa So Tired Car Ride Man is a pleasant postcard I will add to my library soon.
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