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Starting my cards up again after a hiatus to take care of business. Stop in to adirondack-pc to see U.S. state cards, used and unused, in my store. Thanks for reading!


Tracy Barber
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  • After it was looked at, I just checked and it seems to be working.
  • Then again, there are sellers, like me, who do not try to bilk the buyer wih exorbitant prices. I sell low and I charge low for postage. $1 seems a likely start and for multiples, it's a weight concern. I use a scale. Certain features of USPS ha…
  • It seems that quite a few people do not like to post feedback. Out of almost 30 sales, I received only 6 feedbacks. Are people that tight with their time and effort? I have given feedback to all sales so far. Stopped posting items for sale due t…
  • I have the same situation with 1 item. It is the first item in my list under Adirondack-PC. I cannot seem to rid the list of that item. I think you may have to Close first and Delete after, although I don't know... Pain in the butt to do so much…
  • I've been here about a month or so and may abandon ship. The fees are too high compared to another site I use. Not only that, but the way the listing fees are displayed and accessed, I don't know if they're double dipping or not. Finally, the num…