Allow Cross-Reference Listing in Two Categories- HIP Execs and Sellers/Buyers, Your Input is Wanted

I wish the IT efforts were going into creating the option to list our items in two categories for easy cross-reference when searching. It WILL improve sales-- we had this great feature back on and it was very effective. So many of our listings would be better accessible to buyers if they could search by subject as well as location. For instance, a collector of armories postcards should be able to search by location or military classification. A collector of cowboys postcards could search in Wyoming (or any state) and western classification. A collector of artists/illustrators postcards could search that category but also any subject (women, animals, greetings, etc...).
This is something we (AHA) as a seller would even be willing to pay extra for. Imagine 34,000 items (our store) at just 3¢ charge (one time) for the second category listing - over $1,000 revenue to Hip! Now, imagine a million or more items...
Please give this some consideration-- it will pay for itself, I believe. SELLERS: If you would like to have this option, please speak up!


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