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Why can I not upload a large amount at one time. I try to upload like 200 at a time and I always get an error message "Connection is Lost"


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  • Thomas, there is occasionally a slowdown or "glitch" with uploading images for some unexplained reason. We have run into it, too. I was told that it has something to do with the server where the images are routed (outside of the Hip website) before they are placed into your images file. Sometimes it zips right through the task and other times it seems like it takes forever. I guess we just need to grin and bear it...
  • I just joined Hip yesterday. I listed my first postcard with no problems. Then when I tried to do a "sell similar" listing (so I wouldn't have to re-type a lot of information) and I keep getting this "Server Error" page. This was early this morning. I logged out, waited 24 hours, logged back in and tried again and I still keep getting the same message. When is this going to get fixed? I'm paying for a monthly basic store subscription and your system won't even let me list anything.
  • service_error
    Here is the message I keep getting.
  • It could be because they're just uploaded tons of new listings created over on eBay this past month when the sync with eBay was severed. I just realized several hundred new listings arrived over here on HP from eBay overnight - ones I'd created since early Oct. There are maybe more to follow. There are larger volume sellers than me so they'd have even more, possibly thousands. That could've tied up the images server for hours.

    FWIW, I just listed using sell similar and it was working for me. I've used it a lot in the last couple of weeks without any issues.

    Contact Help support though you won't here back till Monday probably. It's only other users in here.

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