Having trouble finding certain categories...

Looking for categories of Art , Artist Signed, and Monuments, Statues.

Are they there or Am I just missing them ?

Thanks in advance for any info!


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  • Are you plugging in any of the keywords into the search box at the top of the main page? If I plug in 'statue,' for example, I get plenty of hits. In my individual (small) store, I get six hits doing it this way:

  • Thank you!

    That's good to know.

    But, but looking to sell in those categories
  • In that case, 'Keywords' are your best friend ! Cram as many as you can into the Title once you have the basics entered (which in many cases will be all you'll need). For example, if you have a PPC of the Bronx Zoo that pictures penguins, be sure to add 'penguin' into the title bar (don't just leave it a 'Bronx Zoo'). This way, topical collectors of penguins will find it more easily.
  • Yes, they are there in categories. You have to use synonyms and be prepared to drill down into sub categories like the rest of us do.

    Go to the categories page - easily found under the Browse tab:


    I'll give you a couple of clues -- Buildings and Architecture - will get you to monuments when you drill down.

    Fine Arts - hey, that'll be art. Drill down.

    Illustrators & Photographers -- artist signed and unsigned.

    It's the same categorization that Delcampe uses & seems to incorporate the European approach to categorization. I think I saw this cataloging of categories somewhere on Wiki years back.

    All these categories can be found when you use the drop down for categories in the listing or selling form. Most of what you're looking for are under Topics (Themes).
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