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I have been using the Magic Categories when listing my postcards for sale. When not using a specific category code, I have used the "Magic Categories; either "0" or "2056."

My question involves the placement of cards within the appropriate state category. I know if I have "New Jersey" in my listing, HipPostcard will place it in the right state category. Will HipPostcard also place it in the right category if I have just the state abbreviation? That is "NJ" instead of "New Jersey?" Thanks in advance...


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  • Ron, the "magic" categories recognizes the USA state postal abbreviations. What it often does not recognize is the difference between cities and topics. For instance it will select what it thinks you are writing but incorrectly categorize it. We found more than 1000 errors like this in our store when we used the "magic" so we stopped using it. We also corrected every one of the errors and now only upload using the exact category code. At first, it was daunting but it has made all the difference when searching for specific locations and topics. Here's an example-- Indiana University. So is it Indiana U in Bloomington, IN or Indiana U in PA? Rochester-- NH? MN?NY?UK? Santa- Santa Claus? Santa Fe? Santa Cruz? Using the exact code is actually easier and you know your listing is right where it belongs. We also developed a detailed reference of the exact codes so they are at our fingertips when we are preparing an upload. Very simplified. Also, willing to share if you're interested. --Ron at Attic Heritage Auctions (AHA)
  • Thank you very much, Ron for your insights. That US state abbreviations are recognized is useful to know. Since I am just starting out, I am feeling my way in how potential buyers do their searches. That is, do buyers search by Subject or by State? With two topics, there are specific codes that I have used; Universities for example being one. Some sales have resulted. There are other popular topics for which there isn't a code; that is where I have used the state identifier.

    I have encountered problems similar to what you described using the Magic category for States. Some of the listings for the state of Georgia came across as being from the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. There have been others. Yes I would be interested in the reference code list you are willing to share. Thank you very much for your feedback.
  • Ron, I need your email address to send the document.

    Thank you, Ron
  • Hi Ron,

    Thanks for the codes list!
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