Should I be getting notifications of solds?

Hi, new here and I cannot find the answer to my question here. Should I be receiving notifications when my postcards sell? Or do I have to come check in here daily?

I had an offer on one, but did not get a notification. I saw it in my acct here, then accepted. THEN I received a "sold" email. A few days went by and the buyer just paid, but again, no notification.

Is lack of notification how this works here? Thanks!!


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  • Yeah I've noticed the lack of notifications as well. I sold something on the 18th and I'm still waiting for a payment. I'm not going to ship it before I get the money lol
  • Hi WhiteMountainTreasures and Kyle White,

    Our team has reached out to you directly regarding this matter. Please feel free to let us know via email if you have any further questions or need help with anything else here!

    Best regards,
  • I took off my vacation setting Friday; on Saturday, I was notified of two sales which will shortly ship.
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