Lots of promos… But postcard prices are always basically the same.

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In my email inbox, I see HIPpostcard post lots of promotions...but I really see the postcards actually change prices that much. I have 12 postcards in my cart right now, and the total dollar amount is $48. I think that is way too much for the postcards that I selected. That is also the reason why I am probably going to delete the postcards from my cart. In my inbox, six post cards are from Lucky Dog postcards, two are from Red Rock Collectibles, two are from Frankie’s (of which one I feel is overpriced), and two from refriedjeanspostcards


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    Hi I know how you feel when you find the postcards you like and put them in your cart, only to find out the price didn't include shipping. when shipping is added it tends to mark up the price to a level that makes it cost prohibitive.
    I don't do that, I believe it should be simple to find what you want and have no surprises in the end when you check out. That's why I offer free shippng on almost all of my postcards. The price you see is that price you pay.
    I like to keep my cards affordable, I hate to say cheap. I seek out bargains for me and know you do the same, That is why I keep my prices low. I buy at a good price and in turn, offer them at a good price. Yes, there are fees to sell so I can't sell for less than $1, but I try to give you a good price so you don't hesitate to click complete the order when you get to check out.

    Come check out my store, https://www.hippostcard.com/store/kevins-post-carte I have only a few listings but I am just starting out. Plus I am having a grand opening sale this week Maybe you will find something you like.
  • To all customers ! Serious about buying postcards! How much is too much? In most cases for a mint post card, one that is unused and in a plastic cover. Now for the used ones...some of the used cards are very great cards and when they have a 2 cent stamp on them you know they weren’t mailed yesterday or even ten years ago..and now what is too much for something like that. I am just starting out selling cards that I paid $3 for 20 years ago..have they increased or decreased in value. I am trying to get a feeling for customers and how they think, if you post this to hip stamps, attention sellers, I hope I will find some help. Thank you very much,
  • How can the clearinghouse offer 55% off ALL ITEMS, as for today's Father's day promo, yet when we go to purchase the prices are the same as always?
  • Good topic....
    How much is too much?
    If it is a scarce card the sky is the limit, or how much is someone willing to pay?
    Years ago, before I even got involved in postcards I found one from my home village in Northern Germany from the early 1900s. A village of 200 people (prob. 100 back then)....
    I live in California now since 1997.
    I paid over $30 for the card and gladly did so.
    But I am prob the only one interested in that card in 10+ years.
    If a card is rare and you want it, $20-50 is reasonable.
    You have to look at it from the sellers perspective. It is not just the 'value' of the item, but also how much time and effort does he/she spend on their inventory?
    On hipsstamps people sell cat value $0.25 stamps for a nickel and sometimes a penny. Sounds fair, but there is NO WAY I can make a living wage doing that as a seller.
    My minimum there is $0.48 and that is reallllyyyy pushing it.
    Years ago in the book business I asked a seasoned dealer, what is a fair price for a rare book, that I can not find any previous sales history on?
    His answer which became my #1 pricing rule: Whatever price you can back up, if someone questions it.
    I also sell paper ephemera, min price is $9.97 + s+h. Basically 10 bucks for a 'worthless' piece of paper. But you are not paying me for the piece of paper. You are paying me for my time, effort and work I put into it, to make it available for you one web search away....
    If I want to make min wage ($12 here in Cali - going to $15 in 2022) I flip burgers. When I run my online business I do it to make money and have fun doing it.
  • I know this is an old thread but:

    This is a card of an American Airlines Convair 990. Nothing special, except that I took my first plane ride on one just like it. What's it worth? I paid less than $2 for it. I would have paid $10 to get it. Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.
  • You hit the nail on the head John!
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