Need help in understanding subject pictured on postcard and translation of handwriting on back

card 1
card 2
I would really appreciate help with the following in relation to this postcard mailed from Schonheide on the German side of the German / Czech border in 1943 to Prague:
1) There is no explanation on either side of the card as to what is pictured. Is it war-related propaganda material or a simply artwork or something else?
2) The handwriting appears to be in the Czech language thus I would need a translation of what is written into English from anybody familiar with the Czech language.
Thank you very much in advance for any help that can be extended in understanding this postcard better.


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    Hi. You can right-click on your image then select "Search Google for Image" in the box that pops up. I tried it and found a couple of websites that show your card. I hope this helps. Shelly
  • This is just a generic cute picture to send to someone you want to send a short message to when you aren't traveling (or don't like the local scenery available). I have some old German dollhouse pictures, framed in little ormulu frames, and they are exactly the same kind of artwork--just cute motifs in red and black. Cards like this were available in the U.S., too--bouquets of flowers, cute pictures of kittens and puppies, little cottages with gardens, etc. You are correct the message is written in Czech, but I don't know any--sorry.
  • Something else I noticed: The postmark is from the Erzgebirge region. Most German dollhouse items in pre-WWII Germany were also made there, so the artwork may be a particular specialty of that region. There are a lot of folk art forms, especially wooden toys, that were/are made there. A lot of the folk art items made there have a distinctive look or shape about them that is specific to the region.
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