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Hi all -- I am new to this site. I usually have around 2000 listings up on the other major auction site, but want to try selling here as well. I attempted to import listings from the other site, and only one of my listings imported. (Right now I have around 400 active on the other site, with around 1600 waiting to be relisted on Feb. 1st.)

Is there an easy way to import buy it now and auction listings?



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  • Welcome aboard. I'm unable to help you directly but do have a suggestion. Unlike the HipStamp forum that is fairly active, the forum here is mighty slow, although Mark does pop in regularly and will eventually spot your post and provide assistance.
    I would suggest you put in a ticket to the staff. They are remarkably helpful and normally respond promptly to any issues using that method of contact. Here you may be cooling your heels for a while waiting for an answer.
  • PS: To open a ticket, just click on the 'Contact Us' conveniently located at the bottom of this page.
  • He responded to me this morning and I'm all set. Thank you!!!
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