Lots of promos… But postcard prices are always basically the same

In my email inbox, I see HIPpostcard post lots of promotions...but I really see the postcards actually don’t change prices that much. I have 12 postcards in my cart right now, and the total dollar amount is $48. I think that is way too much for the postcards that I selected. That is also the reason why I am probably going to delete the postcards from my cart. In my inbox, six post cards are from Lucky Dog postcards, two are from Red Rock Collectibles, two are from Frankie’s (of which one I feel is overpriced), and two from refriedjeanspostcards


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  • As a seller, I don't do promotions primarily because I don't have the energy to try to keep track of changing prices. What I do instead is try to make sure my postcards are priced on the low end (if not the lowest) compared to the same cards being offered here by others (and on that 'other site'). Hence, my 'promotions' are already factored into my selling prices.
    Your post helps convince me to continue on my chosen selling path !

    George DeKornfeld
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