What is the process for listing on HIP, what is eBay Sync and how does it work?

I'm an eBay seller and use software to manage 50,000 listings. How do I get these listings up on HIP if I decide to list here?
I've seen mention of "eBay Sync" but have not been able to find a discussion or description of how to manage the listing process.
A link to a discussion or manual would be great if you know of one,


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  • Hi James,

    If you currently have 50,000 listings on ebay, you can easily bring all of these items to HipPostcard, and then keep your items in sync. The process is extremely simple and should take you less than a minute to complete - all you need to do is turn it on, everything else is handled automatically.

    To turn on our Ebay Sync go to the Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Ebay Sync page:
    Click to enable the sync, and follow the on-screen instructions. Shortly thereafter, your listings will be imported from ebay, and if an item sells on either site it will be instantly removed from the other.

    If you haven't already opened a Store with us you'll need to do so before enabling the Ebay Sync. You can open a Store here: https://www.hippostcard.com/members/store/setup
  • thank for the info
  • Hi Mark Rosenberg - I'm new to the site and I have a question. I have managed to successfully sync my listings from eBay and I would like to keep them here but delete them from eBay as I'm trying to move away from eBay and branch out to other platforms. If I delete them from eBay will they "stay" here or will I lose them from this site also? Thanks in advance.
  • Hi Andrea,

    Turn off the ebay sync feature on HipPostcard first. Then if you delete listings on ebay - it will not effect your listings on HipPostcard.
  • Hi Mark! I just synced my ebay store to HipPostcard, and it brought in all of my postcard listings beautifully. I was wondering if you can tell me how to also sync my other ephemera listings, which did not get automatically pulled in with the sync. Thanks!
  • in our ebay store we sell more than postcards. are we able to sync just the postcards and ephemera items to hippostcard?
  • Hi Tracy,
    I also sell postcards, some ephemera and a few other items. Only my postcards were sync to Hip. The sync ignored my ephemera items. Perhaps contact admin for guidance on ephemera.
    All you need to do is follow these instructions
    Just go to the seller tools page of your members area and look for sync from Ebay.
    If so, you can automatically sync all of your postcards and related fixed price listings from ebay. Just click the enable button above, and you'll be brought directly to ebay where you can approve us to sync your listings. Once you enable the sync, all of your current applicable items will be imported, and any updates you make, or new items you list on ebay, will automatically be brought over.
    Hope this helps
  • Other categories do not sync.

    Export eBay inventory and create a bulk list file to hip.

    Direct export from eBay SUCKS!!!!!
    Luckily we use inkfrog and with some tweaking it works very well.
    50 at a time and some copy and paste. I think I can do over 1,000 an hour that way.

    I uploaded several 1,000 advertisements and it went pretty easy.
    Sales are abyssmal on those ephemera though. Sold only 1 so far. But the work is only once and with the low listing fees here it just sits there. No problems.
    I would be CAREFUL with syncing sales. Despite claims we had many issues, to the point where we are not synching and at all any more, but manually delete and update quantities. With the slow sales here, it has not really been a problem. The only 2 double sales that ever happened, where because I slacked and was lazy and did not update right away meaning within 1 or 2 business days.
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