SolvedQuantity & Sale Prices on Relisted Items

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From a Seller:

Some items appear to have their quantities changed to 2 when relisted, such as: 6388543

Additionally, when an item is relisted, it keeps the Sale Price and may be double discounted.


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    With regards to Item: 6388543 the quantity was 2, because the item in which it was relisted from had an original quantity of 2, which was item: 529252. This item had an original quantity of 2, and was sold once in November, and remained listed with a quantity of one, and was subsequently ended, and then relisted. If you relist an item the original quantity it was listed with will be used - since you're relisting the item. So it didn't change to 2, it was just originally 2.

    With regards to a double discount on a relisted item, we will review this shortly to ensure that does not happen again.
  • Mark,

    This problem was NOT just on Hippostcard. (I had gone through about half of the listings on Hipstamp that I had relisted) On the postcards I never listed quantities of more then 1 of each at a time. (Now it may be that this was a as these were older listings that were moved from Bidstart and I am going through those listings to make sure I do still have them as I did sell some items off of Stanley Gibbons) If so then there is nothing you can do about it,but if so then many of the sellers do need to be made aware of it in case they are going through their listings. (And again this was NOT just a Hippostard problem but I did notice it on Hipstamp also as I do have 2 stores and I am also working through the Hipstamp listings)
  • With regards to the Quantity of Relisted items, there's no bug, as the original item in question simply had an original quantity of 2. This was an item imported from bidStart, so I'm unsure as to why this item had a quantity of 2, other than that's what the quantity was when it was imported from bidStart.

    In general, we try not to duplicate posts on the same issue across the HipStamp and HipPostcard forums. However, if you have an issue with a specific item on HipStamp, and still need help, please feel free to post it accordingly.
  • Mark,

    On the postcard that you say was sold in November,I double checked my orders from Nov and I am NOT showing that postcard as being sold in ANY of the orders. (I didn't sell that many postcards in Nov in fact it was only 30,so it was fairly easy to see it wasn't in any of my orders for Nov)

    Now I do know I had three of these in which I can not see what the items were

    Sale Transaction Refund - "Sale Transaction Fee - Sale ID: #85437"
    Sale Transaction Refund - "Sale Transaction Fee - Sale ID: #86494"
    Sale Transaction Refund - "Sale Transaction Fee - Sale ID: #86205"

    Now is it possible that it was in one of those 3 pending sales that were cancelled?

  • That could be a possibility. With our new multi-seller checkout, it's not possible for their to be any "pending" orders which are then "cancelled", so that wouldn't be an issue any more regardless.

    We'll review this further either way. Regardless, would you like us to go ahead and ensure that all of your current listings on HipStamp and HipPostcard only have a quantity of 1?
  • Mark

    That's good to know.

    That would be great on HipPostcard it would be a big help.

    On Hipstamp I do have a number of items like postal stationary items and some CTO sets that do have quantities because they are the same and I am almost done going through the first batch of the relists on Hipstamp. Just leave Hipstamp and I will take care of those. (I just happened to catch it because of the postcard listings)
  • Done.
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