Thrilled to see advertizing

I was just in the process of listing a beer coaster for sale on eBay and noticed an ad on that page for HIPSTAMP! Needless to say I was quite thrilled to see that eye-catching ad. This now begs the question if HIPPOSTCARD ads will be seen at eBay and elsewhere. Being that I sell postcards here and not stamps I would be thrilled to see any promotion of HIPPOSTCARD as well. I did receive an email promoting HIPPOSTCARD recently in my in box and was very encouraged to see the name out there.


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  • Hi John,

    We will be ramping up HipPostCard marketing efforts very shortly. That being said, if you would be interested in sending a newsletter to help boost sales, email me:

  • It would be very beneficial to see HipPostcard get into the routine of sending out a regular newsletter to all HP members as BidStart used to do before it changed ownership in late 2012. That was a steady reminder to collectors that BS existed and its doors were open for business. We need the same for HP in order to keep a steady flow of eyes looking at offerings on the site and hopefully leading to more sales on a recurring basis.
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    We currently send out a Newsletter to our 15,000+ Members on HipPostcard every one to two weeks, and have been doing so since we launched. The last of which was sent out earlier today.
  • Oops! I'm not getting them! Checked junk folder, not there. How do I make sure I get the newsletter? Is there an email address I should be put in my contacts list to note it's safe?
  • Well, the HP newsletter must be working because I just sold something! :)
  • Ahh I see you have a hotmail email address. We have some issues with sending newsletters to hotmail accounts - which is likely why you may not be receiving them.
  • I thought that might be the problem.
  • I have collected the e-mail addresses of all of my customers throughout the years. I normally use that list to send out notifications when I have a batch of Model Trains or tools on eBay. The way I do it, I can only send out 40 e-mails at a time or Charter bounces them back at me. Is there a way to do a bulk e-mail to all of my postcard customers when I get my Hippostcard store up?
  • We currently offer Seller Newsletters for Featured or Premium Stores, which we help you to send out. However, even as a Basic Store, if you'd like to help get an initial email out to your past customers we can help you with this. We'll follow-up with you shortly.
  • Great, it will be about a month before I will be ready. I may upgrade later.
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