Way too quiet in here.

I notice that the Forums on this site are surprisingly quiet compared to those on hipStamp, and I see some folks (including me) are busily listing their postcards.
Is anyone having a good run of sales? Since I opened up, I've sold zip....nichts......nuthin.' Some cards haven't even been looked at by shoppers even though they were listed many days ago. Is it me, or are sales slow site-wide?


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  • I have only just started to put a handful of listings here but intend to actually build this up as a major source to sell my postcards. Because I have gotten so little going so far I am not too concerned about no sales yet. I also think the lack of sales is not just a problem here. On the other sites I sell on postcard sales right now are minimal however my other line, i.e. bar and beer coasters, is going so crazy that it is hard for me to keep up (which is a big part of the reason I have been so slowly in building my postcards for sale here. Sometimes in the past it was the postcards going like crazy and hardly any coasters moving at all. I really believe it is just a temporary cyclical thing for now. I am sure a site like this focused solely on postcards will eventually benefit all of us postcard vendors. Just takes time to get through the cycles.
  • Sales for HipPostcard this month overall are relatively the same as they were on bidStart last month. However, over the past year, postcard sales had declined significantly on bidStart. We've worked with a few Sellers to send out Seller Newsletters, and that's worked well for them. If you're interested, send us an email to support AT hippostcard.com and we'll follow-up with you.
  • Mark, just out of curiosity (and if you have the number easily at hand), how many individual lots of postcards have been sold, say, in September of this year, and how does this compare to the number sold on bS in September of 2015?
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    I've had a few sales but just getting settled in. I'm probably ready to do some marketing so I should probably contact support as Mark's suggested. Would be good to help get some traffic in to the site. I've been promoting through social media too, as time permits.
  • Every time I send out an order, regardless of which site it was listed on, I always include a blue letter PS alerting my customers to my presence elsewhere. For the letters going to customers that I have bought my postcards from other sites I have now added a PS showing my store address at this site. I have had some cross over success in the past. Hopefully that will help contribute to this site becoming better known as well.
  • I am a fanatic collector of automotive advertising postcards and I frequently visit auction sites like this one but also Delcampe, eBay, Marktplaats (Dutch), Qoop (Dutch), Todocollection (Spain) and Tradera (Sweden). I find that sites where stock rotates quickly are more interesting to visit due to the chance that you find something new and should not hesitate to bid if you like a card. HIPpostcards must still grow among collectors around the world I guess to gain more visitors and more suppply. Delcampe for instance already has 45 million (!!) cards on offer which is a huge number. Please keep up the good work and hang in there.
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