New listing numbers on Hippostcard

I have noticed that my bidStart postcards now in Hippostcard have different listing numbers. Example BS #35169365 now is Hip #601559. My bidStart postcards are filed in numerical order.
How am I going to be able to find a bidstart postcard sold on Hippostcard? Is there a way to cross reference between the two sites?
It will take a long time to change numbers on over 6,000 postcards. Am I missing something here??? Thanks, Paul


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  • I'd not considered this - well spotted! This won't effect me much (since I'm just testing the site at the moment), but it's something that needs to be resolved before every store is moved on the 7th. If new numbers are required for HipPostcard, then the old bidStart numbers should also be available to sellers on HipPostcard.
  • Paul,

    All your postcards also have the Bidstart number. Click on the members area at the top and it will take you to the next page. On the right hand side under selling click listings which will take you to the next page that shows your listings. You will see at least 2 numbers under ID the top number is the new hipstamp number for the listing. The B number is the bidstart number of that listing. If you used private ID's on your listings those numbers were brought over also. Both the private ID and the Bidstart numbers are in (..)

  • Thank You. I was missing something!
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