Extra characters brought over with synch

When I first had my unused postcards synched over from bS, I noticed that in the descriptions there were extra characters added and interspersed between words in the description (all of which were an 'A' with an accent mark or hat of some sort). I figured this was just part of the deal and just sat down to edit all of my listings to remove the extra characters. After doing six edits, I went back to check to make sure the characters were removed, and sure enough, even though edited, the extra characters re-appeared. These make my listings look like hell. Mark.........how do I or you fix this??


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  • Follow up: the listings I edited have finally changed, so I guess the queue was long given many folks are listing their wares. Still, is there a way to do this in bulk? The same question applies to marking all of my current listings as 'unused.' Meanwhile, I guess I'll be spending my day manually making adjustments just to get the ball rolling.
  • If you have your inventory in a spreadsheet, you can upload or update your inventory at any time through our Bulk Lister. We will be putting a video tutorial out on this next week.

    We'll take a look at your listings in more detail too next week.
  • Thanks Mark. I already fixed them all manually on a 'one-at-a-time' basis. I think the extra character (the 'A' with the accent) popped in wherever I double-spaced in a sentence. Its all good now.
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