Problem Syncs from. eBay. Details. Shipping.Listing,Details

My Hip.. setting are correct but after syncs from eBay all my shipping cost was wrong also return policy.

I received following info from Hip support.
"If you update your Default Listing Settings, this will not update any of your existing listings. However, you can easily update all of your listings in bulk from the Members Area > Selling > Listings page. At the top left, select all items. Then scroll down and click on the "Bulk Edit" button"

When I/we syncs our listings from eBay will the shipping cost from the original eBay listing not be the same/correct on Hip.. as on eBay ??
If I/we have to update the syncs listings from eBay in bulk,( from support info), to correct shipping cost, What implication will that create if items have many different shipping cost.

Back to my sync listings from eBay. My listing & details are full with error i letters and more.??

On my other Hip store Stamps I syncs around 2000 listings from BidStart without any problem..

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