Welcome To HipPostcard!

Welcome to HipPostcard!

I signed up for a store shortly after receiving Mark's email newsletter on the evening of August 30, 2016. My store became store #4. I sync'ed an upload of my eBay listings within minutes and it started uploading. Left it uploading overnight.

Overnight I had my first sale within 6 hours! Buyers must have heard the news too!

What brings you to HipPostcard - postcards, no doubt (!) - and what do you like about it, how will it help you further your passion for postcards?

My store: The Postcard Depot https://www.hippostcard.com/store/the-postcard-depot


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  • I signed up this morning after I received Mark's Seller Update. I like the idea of a Specialized site that is a sub-division of the HS family. After my bS items synch over, it'll be time to pile in the listings here and on the stamp site as time permits. Sorry to see bS go, but its time I guess, and hopefully HS will take off big-time lowering (if not terminating) my desire to list on eBay
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    Hi, George! (You know me as tobias elsewhere ;) )

    Yes, I think bS had reached its expiration date. Too much work to keep it going by all accounts. I'm hopeful once the news spreads we'll get more stores being set up, more collectors looking to add to their collections.

    My one regret is that I'll miss the exchange with stamp folks and others in the bS forums. While I know some prefer the technical or specialized focus for their area, I thought it added something to know we are all in the broader paper collectibles game and many of the online challenges are ones that we all share.

    A new beginning and all that.
  • Good afternoon from Cheshire UK :)
    I am retired and here to try and sell my collection of German and European postcards.
  • Welcome, Graham!

    You'll find a growing group of collectors & buyers here from around the world. Listing your cards here is a fairly straightforward process. There's a Help link at the bottom of each page to provide some help through guide instructions or If you have any questions you can use Contact Us to ask Mark (the owner) or Justin. You can also ask them here in the forum area though the traffic is rather low in here & answers might come in days rather than hours - but you never know! Welcome again! Now the work begins!
  • Thanks for the welcome Brent!
  • Hi guys
    This platform seems to be a promising hub for collectors and buyers worldwide. Listing cards here appears to be simple, and the Help link offers guidance throughout the process. If any questions arise, contacting Mark or Justin through the Contact Us option seems helpful.
  • This portal gets to be a promising nexus for international collectors and buyers. Listing cards here appears to be simple, and the Help link provides assistance along the procedure. If you have any questions, contacting Mark or Justin using the Contact Us option appears to be useful. https://magic8balls.org/
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