Feedback automatically left after 45 days????

West Day to Northville, New York 1910 used Postcard, Resseguie, Sacandaga Park
Positive Feedback Automatically Left After 45 days
04/05/2022 14:23:33

Today is 04/20/2022. Hardly 45 days from April 5th ! Multiple postcard sales have this issue.


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  • The 45-day automatic positive feedback is the most unrealistic process Hip Postcard has established. Unlike almost every other venue eBay and such use feedback as a community service. Sending reminders to buyers and seller alike to participate in it. Now people who used to leave do not bother anymore. There are times when I can go through two screen loads before finding real feedback. If management believes their method is correct, the auto 45-day posts should be at the back of all feed backs. That way buyers can see the actual honest feedback buyers leave!
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