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First, let me say that the "New" interface to "Sell Your Item" is for the most part awful. The photo addition portion is good, but everything else is very cumbersome. Basically 2 to 3 times the number of clicks if you want to change anything if you do a "sell similar" like I do to save clicks. For instance, doing a "sell similar" and changing the category is at least 4 clicks into a slow interface that is a popup. What was wrong with the old way? That is just one example. I got about 2 or 3 fields I needed to change and went back to the classic.

And NOW you have even messed that up. Now the "Delete All & Select Images" button no longer works in the classic area. If I go to "Next Step" and then "Previous Step" then it will work, otherwise I need to manually remove each of the images. If I manually remove each of the images, I can't move the pictures around and unlike some folks, I ALWAYS show both the front and back of a card, so I ALWAYS have 2 pictures. Again, this works if I go "Next" and then "Previous", but I shouldn't have to.

So you really have messed up both of them, the new way AND the old way. I can deal with this, but it takes longer to enter new cards and I have LOTS to enter, so it is in our mutual best interests if you clean this up... and NOW so I can get more cards on here before Thanksgiving!!


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  • Hi Mitch. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback here. A member of our Support team will reach out to you directly to provide further support.
  • Progress to report here. Not much, but progress. The "Classic" way to enter a new item is no longer broken as described. I no longer need to hit "Next Step" and "Previous Step" to make the Image selection to work. It works now as it previously did.

    The "new" way to enter a new item is still pretty much useless. I select "Sell Similar" and if you have a sale going on (which I have found that you just about have to on this site to get any traffic), the price the "Sell Similar" picks is the sale price and then discounts it again if you use it. The "Classic" way still does this as you might expect, the original price is entered for you not the sale price (which since we said "Sell Similar" I would expect). The new way of entering a new item still is mired in clickety clickety waste of time as before.... Again, totally useless.
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