HIP, Help! Ebay has now divided postcards into 2 categories!


Item specifics aren't working either!

Already contacted Ebay this morning.

I hope HIP can take over and EBay sellers will leave in large numbers!


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  • I just opened a Hip account today for this very reason. Any and all cards will be primarily going on here first. I have thousands of cards and other ephemera to list and it seems like this is the correct move for my business.

  • Good luck! You'll have to list on HP directly to get everything categorized correctly. If you rely on the currently dysfunctional eBay to HP sync, mapping of categories is broad - and properly not even that will happen because of eBay's changes. There's no HP operated reverse sync for posting listings on HP to eBay.
  • @Ben Bolton Best wishes on your new endeavor. I have had several sales since leaving eBay. I wish there were more, but I guess they will come in time.
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