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I'm a collector of real photo postcard series (mostly c1900-1920s) from publishers of the era (Amag, AN Paris, Aristophot, GLCo, NPG, Photochemie, RPH, Stebbing, as examples). I'm looking for specific cards to fill many, many incomplete series.

For example, if it has the RPH (Rotophot) logo, series 130 and 3187 printed on it, a title of "Fillette" or ":Girl posing" will generate far too many results to ever find it. I'd like to suggest adding as much of this info in the title as possible, like "RPH 130 - 3187 Girl child mirror". That should hit any search one could use to find it. My humble suggestion and thanks to all for reading!


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  • For some months now, I have seen a problem with listings on vendors' stores. When sorting by State and select, say, Georgia, more than half of the listings are for Marrietta OH or Atlanta KS or Savannah TN.
    Something isn't sorting out quite right.
    It appears that if the vendor has sub-categories (biggest city, capital, etc.) Hip prioritizes sorts by sub-category.
    Is it just me?
  • Obviously, those vendors are using the Hip "magic" classification tool when listing. We (Attic Heritage Auctions - AHA) learned long ago that it is inaccurate and severely flawed. We went in and made corrections to thousands of our miss-categorized cards and have since always applied the exact class code to every entry when preparing our uploads in order to assure that the cards are placed where they should be. Our system works exceptionally well with the guide sheets we created and take no more time than does the "magic" way which is useless. Wish everyone would make the same effort.
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