Address output / HTML tweak

Not a huge feature request, but this would be a big UX improvement for me, and no doubt other sellers.

When you look at the items you need to ship, the ship to address is shown in a format like:

First Last

Address, State Written Out, Zip, Country

Which means that if you paste it into a label printing program you need to reformat it a bunch, removing all those commas, adding line breaks and changing the state to the abbreviation.

If you paste it into Pirate Ship, which tries to magically parse addressed into the correct form fields, it inevitably leads to having the name in the address field with the street number and the address in the address line 2 field — which again, means manual tweaks.

It would be fabulous if the ship to address were output formatted like this:
Deliver to:
First Last

Street Address

City ST Zip


Again, not a huge thing but a big workflow improvement for sellers. Thanks! :)


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  • Hi Annie,

    We appreciate your bringing this to our attention! We’re always looking to improve and feedback from our members is one of the most valuable tools we have in determining what to build next.

    We'll certainly pass this request along to our product team to review, as well as add a vote to this request internally.

    Thanks again for your suggestion, and if you have any other ideas, please send them our way!

    Best regards,
    Hip Support
  • i cut snd paste directly from the order page to an Avery template and it does what you are asking except for having to make one "enter stroke" to get the locality down to the third line. Where are you copying from ???
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