I would be interested to know your thoughts on where is the best venue to sell Postally Used postcards? An Unwritten card would appeal primarily to the postcard collector. While the card that has traveled through the mails would be considered by many to be a 'cover" in the Philatelic world.

That being so, and your thoughts on where this type of material would do best:

Thank you...Ron


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  • I've found they can do well in in both venues so I list the same used card in both. If one sells in one venue, just be sure to remember to it delete from the other.
  • @George DeKornfeld...thanks for the feedback. I was thinking of listing New, Unused cards on this site; considered PU & Stamped & Written cards on the sister site - HipStamp. But it seems that a number of buyers look for used cards on HipPostcard.
  • That they do. If you have both stores, it would makes sense to list the postally used in each for the greater potential exposure.
  • If you list one kind on one site and one on the other, you're just making more work for yourself.
  • @Kyle White I do agree that is problematic. With a postally used card, additional formatting is necessary to show the front/back of the card. That is even before listing the card on two sites.
  • I would suggest showing all cards front and back. Most postcards went through many iterations and a view of the back identifies which it might be for the advanced collector, as well as overall condition. I have passed on hundreds of cards here due to the lack of an image of the back.(Mainly a stamp dealer but also collect postcards / ephemera)
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