Scan questions front and back, stitched or separate?

Hi there
I scan front and back of my PCs and list them like that.

I just discovered that my scanner actually offers an auto stitch where it stitches front and back together as one file.
That would make inventory management lot easier as I could make the file name the same as the SKU #. e.g.Postcard #36,511 in my inventory would have file PC-36511.jpg as the file. If I ever want to move inventory to different sites it would make it a TON easier.

e.g. wants the pic to match the SKU. I could of course do that if I only have one pic.

Any thoughts if this is beneficial for the buyer or the opposite or does it even matter?
Obviously the buyer would see that it is front and back in one pic, but maybe there is something I am missing.




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  • Martin,

    The biggest problem I can see with stitching the 2 into 1 pic is that you would cut down down the size of any information that some people may be looking for on 1 of the 2 sides of the PC. For some it may not make a difference. But if someone is looking for a series on a set of PCs, publishers, cancellations etc. and if they can't make out the information the buyer may because they may be able to read it as well because you cut the information down by half. It's why most of the sellers don't do it that way.

  • Michael
    I would leave the settings the same. I am scanning at 300 dpi and I think the quality of the scans would be identical.
    I am gonna try some later both ways and post them here for comparison.
  • Martin,

    If you take a look at the pictures of people that have already done that you can see the difference. If you use the magnifier
    on the pictures that have 2 postcards the area that shows is larger on the ones that have 2 postcards. On the ones that only have a single card the area that is shown is a smaller area and shows more details.
  • Here is a listing I created with both versions of pics.
    Did not change the settings except one is stiched, the others not.
    Yes the stiched is smaller but still everything is visible.
  • I think it is too hard to see them stitched together-- just my 2 cents - It would be a pain but I guess you could run each batch twice and have the 2nd batch stitched together I am not sure there is enough difference in the enlargement to make a difference
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