Shipping Charges

I buy multiple post card's from many sellers, it is my responsible to check the invoice for discrepancies and shipping costs.
In this case I did not and realized the seller charged me $9.00 for a post marked enveloped at a cost of $2.00.
While the onus falls on me, I definitely will not be purchasing from this seller again. While he made a quick $7.00 he lost out on any future sales.


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  • I haven’t purchased much from this site. I typically use eBay. However, I found a post card I would like to purchase. The seller is in the US and so am I. I sent them a note requesting what is included in standard shipping ($3.50) ie. tracking, cardboard mailer, etc. no reply. Is it common for sellers here to excessively mark up shipping as a profit center? How do I find out exactly what “standard shipping” is?
  • you should be able to click on shipping fill in the quantity and it should tell you
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