What's the problem with giving feedback?

It seems that quite a few people do not like to post feedback. Out of 30+ sales, I received only 6 feedbacks. Are people that tight with their time and effort? I have given feedback to all sales so far. The feedback may be light, heavy, trite, whatever. But - at least it is given. I won't mention other sites, but on them I receive feedback.

Maybe it's the depression or situation with our pandemic COVID-19, but I haven't gotten vaccinated yet but I still try to do what is proper.

Sometimes I'm a little late, but I get it done. I'd appreciate some feedback to see how how I'm doing.

Thanks for reading!



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  • It just seems to be the trend here, and then add in some buyers who may not know how to do it (its not as intuitive as that other site's until you figure out how to use it, which may be off-putting). I wish more buyers would leave feedback just so I know their orders arrived safely.
  • Here's a good example: I just sold PPC to a buyer who has close to twenty-thousand (!) received feedbacks. When you look at the 'feedback left for others,' its blank. People just can't be bothered...but don't take it personally....the bottom line is making sales, after all.
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