Please help. Syncing from Ebay to HIP Postcard

Newbie here. When you sync from Ebay to here, does the ENTIRE description on Ebay sync here too? If so, is there a way to manually revise it on HIP ?
And 2. If one makes revisions on EBAY, do the revisions sync here, too?
Thank you for any information.


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  • Hi,
    Yes the description also sync's to Hip. If you manually change the listing on Hip you either need to close the Ebay listing or switch off the sync facility on Hip. As soon as you reverse either of these options the listing will be altered to reflect the Ebay listing again. The only way to stop this happening is to delete the Ebay listing or create a 'new' duplicate Hip listing so it is not linked to Ebay. If you make changes to an Ebay listing then within a short space of time the Hip listing will also change.
    Hope this makes sense and helps.
    Kind regards
  • Thank you VERY much for the clarification!
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