Making it difficult to provide feedback

The current system is making it difficult and very tedious to provide feedback. I provide feedback by selecting cards from the "Feedback Needed" list. Each time I change the status of a postcard to "received" or provide feedback, the listing jumps back to the top of the list (with cards that I ordered today at the top of the list). With the recent delays in the mail, I have a lot of outstanding orders that have not yet been received. It seems that I must scroll through the whole list in order to find the next card on which I would like to provide feedback. This is quite tedious, is not very efficient for finding the cards on which I would like to provide feedback, and means that I'm not very enthusiastic about providing feedback. Does anyone have a suggestion for making the feedback process more efficient? Is there some way the system can be set so that the current location on the list is maintained after providing feedback? This would facilitate going through the "Feedback Need" list one time and providing feedback as I come across each card that I've received and that needs feedback. Thanks.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or request for new feature,


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  • Just to confuse things, I should have said that I'm using the "Buying Reminders" list to give feedback, as it includes a thumbnail image of each postcard and a specific button to click to give feedback. The true "Feedback" list is just a list, with no images (makes it hard to id the correct card), that uses an awkward 2-step process to try to give feedback.
  • Have you tried right-clicking the feedback button and opening the item you want to leave feedback for in a new tab? Assuming that works, then after leaving feedback you could close that tab, taking you back to the 'Buying Reminders' page where you left off.
  • It seems that quite a few people do not like to post feedback. Out of almost 30 sales, I received only 6 feedbacks. Are people that tight with their time and effort? I have given feedback to all sales so far. Stopped posting items for sale due to far too many people selling and too few buying. I guess that goes with feedback also.
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