Sales down despite higher fees - more advertising?!

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So when leadership skyrocketed fees earlier this year they promised higher traffic by using lots of that extra revenue to market the site more.
Sales were up some, but since have slowed down to 'pre-fee-raise' times.
Since then I more than doubled my inventory to almost 30,000 and also am now a premium store smack in the middle of the first page of store listings.
Sales are meahhhh.......
Earlier this month I got lucky when someone went crazy for a few days and bouyght a lot of ephemera and some PCs and that was nice.
But for the rest it is barely worth it.
I know my cards are not super special and not super cheap, though I do free shipping and massive discounts for volume purchases.
What baffles me, is that my sales are slower now than before the fee increases, so I am wondering are they still using the $$ to advertise or was that just a gimmick to explain the fee raise?


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  • Martin,

    Did you check the feedback left by the buyers in other stores? If you had you should have seen that most of the sellers have seen a decent increase in their sales over past years. (From the feedback that the sellers have gotten it appears that a fair number have had had increases from anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 times the number of items sold.) Going by those numbers it would appear that the advertising is in place and it's working for some of the sellers) I am in the 2-3 times range myself.

  • I've been here about a month or so and may abandon ship. The fees are too high compared to another site I use. Not only that, but the way the listing fees are displayed and accessed, I don't know if they're double dipping or not. Finally, the number of relists is poor compared to the other site. Jury's not in, but I may be out.
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    Martin, I've taken a quick look at your store, and since you've joined HipPostcard, your sales have steadily increased each month with us. You can easily review this from the Store Stats page:

    I see that our team has also reached out to you a few times over the past year to help increase your sales (at not additional cost to you) which they're now working with you on - and I would expect your sales to continue to increase significantly from here. Feel free to reach out to our team if you need any further assistance.
  • Tracy - You can always review your full Account History and Fees with us from the Members Area > Account > Account History page: and we absolutely do not charge any Sellers any fees twice or any fees which they should not be charged. Note that Listing fees are only charged on auction listings, and there are no listing fees for store items (which is how most items on HipPostcard are sold).
  • Mark
    thanks for the reply. I am pretty sure the main reason my sales are increasing is that I list 1,000s of new items every month. Less than 10,000 a year ago to over 40,000 now.
    But it seems sales are nowhere nearly growing as fast as I increase inventory.
    I am not complaining, I am still a greenhorn in the postcard biz (but def not in selling online, making a living of that for over 20 years). It just seems with the increased marketing after the rate increases it should be higher.
    I am making $$ on hip and it is worth the extra time.
    Paper is still a side hustle for me and I am not putting the effort in that would make me more money.
    Not working with anyone from hip though oin increasing sales. That must be another seller. :)
    I appreciate though that the big boss/es are paying attention to us.
  • Martin, I cannot see how to check out your offerings knowing only your Forum name. But I do hope you are showing the address side of Used postcards as well as picture. I and many of us cannot do business with those who do not show Used address side. HipPostcard should make a better effort to encourage sellers to show both sides of Used cards. Thanks
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