Poor Geography on listings

I regularly search the Australian category for postcards. I just did a quick check of the first 96 cards listed under Australia. 47 of them were not Australia. Some of them were not even Oceania, but were Asia. if sellers want to get to the correct buyer they need to be a bit better at listing in the right area. It is a turn-off when you see this lack of attention to detail. I don't want to wade through incorrect listings and usually just give up after a couple of pages.


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  • I completely agree with you!
  • Hi Alan, your frustration is understandable. As a dealer here (AHA - Attic Heritage Auctions) we learned early on that the "automatic" classification feature when uploading does not do a very good job. We found thousands of our listings placed in incorrect and inappropriate categories. As a result, we undertook the task of editing every single listing to correct the errors and have since listed each new item with its correct, specific classification code. Sales have increased substantially and we know that collectors can more easily search with accuracy in our store. Takes much more time to list but it's worth it because our customers are having a better experience. I wish all dealers would make the effort-- it would make the Hip website better for all.
  • Sorry for the delay in replying. I have not been back to the site for a while. As I am not a seller, I was not aware that there is an auto classification feature: that explains a lot. Thanks Ron-Carol for going the extra mile, now we just need others to do that too. (I just sent a comment to one dealer advising him that 90 out of 168 cards in the Australian section were incorrectly allocated.)
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