deleting a item

When I delete a postcard it doesn't go away but stays in my closed list. What am I doing wrong? If I sell a card somewhere else I need to delete it here and don't want to make a mistake and open it back up and take the chance of reselling it.


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  • I have the same situation with 1 item. It is the first item in my list under Adirondack-PC. I cannot seem to rid the list of that item.

    I think you may have to Close first and Delete after, although I don't know... Pain in the butt to do so much extra work. The Close is handy because you can relist. But when you delete an item, it should be gone. Period.
  • You have the option to close a listing - or delete it. Closed listings will go to the Closed section, and deleted listings will be removed. You can close or delete an open listing - there's no reason to close it first if you want to delete - use the delete option then.
  • I think they do not change until you either leave the site or go to another section -
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