1920s Fine & Coulson Postcard help... Boulder, Colorado

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Hi all,

First post here! I need a little help tracking down a certain postcard. The postcard in question is from the 1920s and features a hand colored image of the University of Colorado football stadium, most likley in 1924. It was printed by Fine & Coulson out of Boulder. I am a CU history student with a passion for athletics and I've been trying to track down an original copy of this postcard but so far, it has eluded me! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!




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    I've located an original copy of the postcard!

    The postcard depicts the stadium dedication game against Utah for Folsom Field (then Colorado Stadium) on November 1, 1924. This was only the fourth game ever played at what was then the "new" campus stadium which was a huge step forward from the small confines of the wooden bleachers of Gamble Field. CU was stepping onto the stage of big time college football. Originally when I had reached out to some sources and was told that it was a colorized photo and had only been seen in reproduction format until that point. I however, recognized it as a postcard.

    This is one of the neatest pieces of Buffs history depicting the greatest home field setting in college football nearly 100 years ago.

    It seems that each copy was hand colored individually and was most likely done with watercolor or pastel. After a bit of searching I'm excited to finally confirm the existence of this image and thought I'd share it to be enjoyed with others!

    Stay safe all and Sko Buffs!

  • Way cool.
  • Hi guys
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