Shipping Time

New buyer here. Placed 4 orders w different sells 10 days to 2 weeks or more.
Any sellers with better shipping times.?


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  • At the moment all sellers have to contend with Covid-19 related delays when using Canada Post or USPS to ship. A seller has no control over these delays. Some of my shipments get to the buyer quickly but some take a lot of time.
  • We ship all orders within 48 hours of receipt but find that shipments are taking longer to get to their destinations. We have had orders taking as much as 4 weeks to certain parts of USA and Canadian destinations. Shipping to Europe, New Zealand and Asia are taking even longer. As a buyer, we're waiting longer to receive orders. We have one order still outstanding from July 7th and wonder if we'll ever receive it. Covid-19 is definitely a major factor.
  • I ship everyday the post office is open (6 days a week). Most orders are arriving on time but covid hot spot areas are seeing an extra day or two for arrival.
  • As a buyer, I am seeing the same thing. A reflection of the times, as I've had substantial delays in other mail, also. Management problems and COVID effects on the workforce seem to have hit USPS particularly hard. Delays have been particularly bad in the past month, probably reflecting increased holiday use of the USPS, which I heard has been 40% higher than last year. Delays have been worse with transcontinental mail and even worse with mail from Canada for all the same reasons. For a while, I was sharing late deliveries with sellers, just so they were in the loop. That started to get tedious (probably tedious for sellers to hear from me also!), and so I stopped, as there is nothing to do, but to be patient. I sense that more sellers are using tracking, but I'm not a big fan of paying $3 for tracking of a $10 postcard, so am hoping this problem shakes out soon.
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