HP Scan settings for postcards

I have an HP 2620 Officejet and I'm looking to find the best scanning settings for postcards, e.g., dpi, contrast, etc. I've fiddled around with all the variations, but the scans aren't as crisp as I want. If you're using this model or other HP scanners, please let me know what works best for you. Also, I'm looking to buy a duplex scanner/stacker so I can scan both sides at the same time. Seeking recommendations for this, too


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  • I use a snap scan very happy with it I don't do Gels and you have to make sure your rollers are clean
  • If you are willing to spend about 250 bucks plus tax get a Epson ES-400 stack scanner.
    Set at color, 300 dpi and double sided scan. I pre-number my cards and put in stacks of 25.
    Including rotating them upwards and saving I scan 500 cards in as little as 20+ minutes.
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