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My Dad has an extensive collection ... several thousand, probably, most sorted into albums according to theme. There's military, European countries, railroad, humor, and more. I recently spot-checked a European album and found some from 1902. There are also lots of modern/contemporary. He's now in memory care and we're starting to think about disposing of his collection, especially if there's any money in it that could help support his care. Not interested in doing individual listings on Ebay etc. Where do we start?


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  • Julian, your best bet is going to be selling the entire lot to a dealer unless you know of someone specifically who is interested in the collection. We buy collections as other dealers do and would be pleased to offer some assistance if you wish. We have an organized system to evaluate the collection and guide you to making a decision. We do not charge for this service whether we buy the collection or not. If you wish to explore further you may contact us directly by email through our store-- Attic Heritage Auctions (AHA!) on Hippostcard site. Best regards, Ron
  • Thanks, Ron ....
  • I think it might be nice to make a little album of his favorite postcards; a
    picture album from the dollar tree would do, and bring it to him in the
    facility. It might help him to look at them.
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