importing auction listings from ebay

I list most of my postcards on Ebay as auction style. I hate to relist as fixed price just to get them over here. Are there any plans to be able to sync with Hippostcard and they would transfer over as fixed price?


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  • Nope
    But you can probably export them somehow from eBay tweek it some and then bulk upload to hip.
    If not, look into inkfrog eBay listing services.
    Very reaonable monthly fee and even if you don't use it to list. You can export and tweek stuff for bulk import to hip real easily.
  • Thanks Martin I use sixbit and have been pretty happy with them and I like that all my listings are on my computer and I just log on to upload to ebay/esty etc but to get the listings here I have to export to a file and then upload. Which for me is really time consuming and I am not very good at it but I guess I just need to put some more effort in it. Maybe this summer if its really hot that I don't have to mow and I get caught up on the farm and the rivers get to low to kayak .........
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