Questions for sellers re ranking in list of stores....

I am wondering how you guys feel about how you rank in the list of stores on the main page...
I am currently in the middle of page 3 with 9,000 listings, paying 'extra' for featured.
By the end of the week (if the world doesn't end) I should be at the bottom of the second page.
I am pretty sure the very vast majority of buyers just search for whatever they are looking for and go from there.
But how many people would actually enter a store and start browsing and searching just that store if they happen to see it?
With 11,000+ listings by the end of the week would it make sense to pay for a premium store?
My sales currently are abyssmal, mostly because my min price is $4.99 (free shipping, but they wouldn't know until they look for it.) Also my 'better stuff' is priced competively vs eBay sellers, which most of the times is higher than the average hip seller.
Any thoughts on this subject?


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  • First question I would ask Are you at this moment selling enough to even cover the extra cost of the upgrade? Have you looked at the number of feedback left for the sellers on the first page? Some of those sellers even though they have thousands upon thousands more postcards listed then you do does not mean they are selling that much more than you are. Now if you aren't selling enough to cover the monthly cost of the premium at this time do you really think it a wise idea to pay for something that may not have the value you are looking for?
  • I am barely covering the cost right now for featured LOL.
    SO maybe or maybe NOT would that help.
    And yeah I have noticed that many sellers with HUGE inventories sell very little.
    Others a lot. A lot of the foreign sellers don't sell much for a few reasons, selection, cost of shipping and possibly reluctance of buyers ordering from far abroad.
    Domestic sellers with low sales usually have very high prices.
    And I consider myself currently at the lower end of the mid to high priced sellers.
    I am not trying to super push sales as I am still building inventory. Once I get a much bigger inventory I might market more aggressively with sales.
    however, the only way to get on page 1 of the stores would be list another 30,000 items (I do 500 a week part time right now, so that would take mover a year or instantly coughing up the $75 monthly premium fee.
    I probably wait a little more and then test it for a month or two. I will keep you posted.
  • I am on a three month featured store trial but I like the site and as such am actively promoting the site to all my customers from other websites. Every customer gets the website details. Every month I have 100’s of customers to direct to Hip. I am also promoting on social media. I would also hope that other sellers are promoting the website. I have over 70,000 listings and so far the sales have been steady. Not everyone leaves feedback which gives a false impression of the site. The store rankings page is not important to me. I would not upgrade my store until I knew that the sales justified the expenditure. I tend to use search words rather than focus on a store but everyone is different. If someone buys from you and knows you provide a good cost effective service they will seek you out anyway.
    My thoughts for what it’s worth.
  • I use to be on page 1 till about 9 months ago. And even though I am on page 2 now I am still selling more now than I did then,but I do continue to add listings every week. (And I don't add a whole lot of listings per month at the moment) I have a bit over 23,000 listed at the moment.
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