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I am wanting to know what size does HipPostcard require? I currently using 300 dpi. Is that a good size or should I go smaller.


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  • Not sure what size is right, but I have my stack scanner set at 600 dpi and 'color'. Pics always show and they are GREAT. nice details etc. LOVE my scanner. Can scan over 500 PCs an hour double sided.
  • Martin, can you give us more detail (brand, model, etc...) about the scanner you have? It sounds like a real work horse and much more efficient than the one we use.
    Thomas, we use 600 dpi and it looks great online.
  • I got an Epson ES-400 for $250 from Best Buy and I am totally in love with it.
    It paid for itself in time saved in no time.
    I scan 25 cards at a time and hardly ever jams.
    If it does. I just delete that batch and start over. Hardly miss a beat doing it.
    The pics also show large icons so it takes me seconds to flip the upright cards to proper display.
  • The scans look so nice and detailed at 600 dpi that i don't grade/rate condition at all.
    Just look at the scans and make your own decision.
  • What do you put the cards in to run through the feed?
  • Carol
    nothing just a neat stack of 25 cards.
    Anything inside a sleeve would jam as the scanner will assume it to be multiple sheets to be seperated.
    That's why covers, envelops and folded cards won't work.
  • I have done well over 4,000 cards so far and had maybe 15 or so instances of jamming.
    But none have caused any damage to the cards. Just pulled them out. Reset the scanner. Deleted the scans from that batch and redid it. Some of the iffier stacks I kinda have to guide / wiggle them through.
    But even that is extremely rare.
  • Thanks for the info - was hoping it would work on covers - oh well ...
  • Carol,

    I am using one for covers and postcards. (You can't run them through in the sleeves but it will work on the covers with slightly thicker paper. It won't work on the blue paper that they used for airmail covers. It's a bit too thin and it doesn't feed well through the scanner.)
  • Hmmmm - thanks. - have to do a little math - definitely not worth it to put 50 covers a month on Ebay but if I ramped up to 500 per month .......... I will think about it.
  • Carol
    I pretty much stopped stamps and postal hisytory for postcards as the scanner makes it soooooo much more efficient.
    Listed over 4,000 cards in 3 months at home at night and weekend after my back breaking day job.
    Always plan on doing a day or so a week on stamps/postal history but always seem to get too distracted.
    Last weekend bought 1,350 postcards at end of sale bulk deal.
    Guy right before me bought the HUGE table of ephemera for $1,550 total. Talked to him a bit, while waiting for the estate sale lady to have time for us.
    Realized he made out like a BANDIT. Probably 5,000+ pieces for 30 cents a piece. Just what a nightmare to process all that. But he does a lo of shows. So much easier to get ready and only the prime stuff online.
    Really made me rethink my paper business plan.
    I kinda decided against ephemera as I have limited time and didn;t want to dance on two many diff weddings at the same time. Figured advertisements, postcards and stamps (mostly postal history) is enough.
    But ephemera are very tempting. So much different unique stuff. Slow moving but highly profitable.
    But yeah, a stack scanner will not work for most of that.
    Anyway, got a bit off track here.
    Happy selling
  • Martin, thanks for the scanner info. We'll look into it.
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