Sellers are leaving out a large audience

I am a stamp collector. I am interested in post cards with nicely used stamps.
Too many sellers are not showing the franked side of the card and too many are not indicating if the card was used.
Yes, it takes a little more effort. But you'll expand your universe of buyers.
I don't have the time to futz with these listings.


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  • I always add used or unused to my title, as well as the word postcard to make it easier findable for searches.
    I considered adding the scott # as well, but since 99.9% are just basic run down the mills tamps it seems too tedious.
    I def look up more interesting stuff.
    Just sold a nice pair of older Germany Berlin stamps on an airmail envelope on eBay for $17.
    And I personally as well prefer postally used postcards.
    Also I use a stack scanner so I always show back and front even if the back is clean and unused.
    Happy shopping!
  • Terry - I have a bunch of used PPC's in my store and always show both sides of all cards. Have a look-see if you like:
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