Not the Best Business Practice

As a frequent buyer of postcards from various Hippostcard and other dealers, I have a suggestion that I know is unlikely to be well received or adopted.... stop inflating your postage/handling costs. For example, I just received an order of seven postcards that came to $25 but was charged $6 for postage/handling -- that's just about a 25% increase in the final purchase price and that, to me, is just about unreasonable. To make matters worse, this Hippostcard dealer did not place each card in a sleeve, used a flimsy section of a file folder for backing, and sent the package for $.55 -- ripping off the USPS and netting a nice extra profit of $5.45.


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  • Not all dealers work like this. Tooting my own horn, in my store, buyers pay $1 for P&H, regardless of whether he or she buys one card or twenty.
  • I can understand the issue with the packing, but some dealers on Ebay charge $3.80 for one single card. I won't buy from them unless it's some extraordinary bargain or a HTF card.
  • I am a new buyer here...I see shipping costs all over the place. Have to be aware of those INFLATED shipping costs.
  • Just received an order from a seller I have not done business with before. It is my responsibility to review invoices before paying. In this case I did not. My Fault. The seller charged me $9 for a $2.00 envelope. While he made $7.00 he lost any future sales with me. Buyer Beware...or pay attention to you invoice (ouch)
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