really need to be able to sort by private ID

I use that to organize my inventory and need to be able to do partial searches....
E.g. 2019-11-005
Should return everything that contains that exact string e.g.:
Also if anything let me SORT the entire inventory by private ID.
As you can see I use the ID to date my inventory.
Please really consider this. This is such a basic and extremely useful feature.


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  • Like create a sale by private ID, that would be great as well. Should be pretty easy to implement I would think (software engineer here who happens to sell postcards....). You have other filters you can use for sales, why not private ID??
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    I would like to sort by private ID too - i keep my cards sorted by an ID and It would make my life so much better and I would had not sold 2 postcards that I missed removing I hope more people ask for this option
  • How about a response from the staff here?? You like the idea? It is too complicated? What about a listing of the improvements you ARE working on? Or are you not working on any.... Anything...
  • Hi,

    We thank you for these suggestions and feedback!

    We’re always looking to improve and feedback from our members is one of the most valuable tools we have in determining what to build next.

    We'll pass this request along to our product team to review, as well as add a vote to this request internally.

    Thanks again for your suggestion, and if you have any other ideas, please send them our way!

    Hip Support
  • Anj,

    Is it possible that at some point we could be able to set a promotion up by the listing dates? Some of us have listings going back to the Bidstart days and it would be nice if we were able to set those specific listings up under a promotion.
  • Hi,

    Our Seller Marketing Team can set this up -- this option, however, is not available to sellers at this time. If you want a sale set up for those listings, you can send us a message directly at and we can get you connected to the right team!

    Hip Support
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