really need to be able to sort by private ID

I use that to organize my inventory and need to be able to do partial searches....
E.g. 2019-11-005
Should return everything that contains that exact string e.g.:
Also if anything let me SORT the entire inventory by private ID.
As you can see I use the ID to date my inventory.
Please really consider this. This is such a basic and extremely useful feature.


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  • Like create a sale by private ID, that would be great as well. Should be pretty easy to implement I would think (software engineer here who happens to sell postcards....). You have other filters you can use for sales, why not private ID??
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    I would like to sort by private ID too - i keep my cards sorted by an ID and It would make my life so much better and I would had not sold 2 postcards that I missed removing I hope more people ask for this option
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