No Acrivity ??

I am new to Hippostcards and my traffic is very slow. Wish there was a way to see when we have views or watches. How can I find that? I am afraid it is not worth my time. Listing is hard to see and slow.
Really want to stay but I need encouragement.


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    The number of views / watchers can be found at each individual listing...just scroll down a bit to find the (hard to see) gray boxes.
  • Unfortunately pages seem designed by 20 somethings who have no concept of the visual acuity of anyone over the age of 50. Now that I know where to look I can see the light gray boxes but cannot read them unless I sweep to highlight them. Very poor design - grey (even here in the forums) is probably the worst color possible. It;s like a garage sale sign written in black sharpie on a fluorescent orange poster board - impossible to read when driving..CONTRAST people - CONTRAST.
  • I just opened a store, but I am disappointed with the light print. My question is: are the person/persons in charge of this site responsive to their site users? It seems to me that making it possible to have darker print is an elementary part of marketing.
  • Maybe put that in feature requests - I'm ok with the lighter print when I have my contacts in but at night after I take them out it does make it harder sometimes
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